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Our way: Crafted with finesse

Offering a splendid and dynamic melange of designer footwear, Saint G is setting down deep roots, as the designers endeavour to deliver indigenous designs which are durable.
The 3-decade old brand offers a multitude of alternatives in decollete sandals, heels, biker, ballerinas and in adornments like handbags, clutches and slings. An extensive research is conduct by skilled designers of the brand, where their vision is brought to reality before designing every collection.

We offer the ideal shoe, handmade from highest calibre of leather, with a stunning composition!

The art of handcrafted shoes is very intricate and it requires that extra precision and skilful craftsmanship. We work only with specially selected finest quality of leather and materials that are suitable for wellbeing and nature.

At Saint G it’s our responsibility to ensure the finest quality that sets us apart. Our committed team has an eye for details and assures that every product exemplifies flawlessness.

All things
Exclusive, Charming, & Contemporary

Balancing effortless elegance with sheer functionality of design, each covetable piece is crafted to perfection in authentic leather. Enhanced by luxurious pairings of textures and patterns our products come in a variety of hues.


Every pair of sandals from our high-quality collection is handcrafted in our factory and quality controlled by experts at each step of the process.


Our love and care for embroideries express the style and philosophy of a company capable of combining the heritage and ancient know-how of the master craftsmen with the needs and trends of today’s market.

design process

Each product is thoughtfully engineered, both for fashion and functionality. Our product development is focused on continuous improvement of existing designs along with introduction of new designs at every opportunity.

fine details

We use a superior shoe construction method that yields numerous benefits, like maximum sole flexibility for exceptional comfort, a sleek and fashionable aesthetic, and ease of years of wear.

art of making leather

Leather Cutting is one of the oldest and most traditional processes in shoe manufacturing. The specialists working in this field are known as “cutters” and they work around the large tanned leathers that we receive from the specialist tanneries.


With access to the highest quality raw materials and best artisans in the world, we produce some of the best handmade footwear. The shoes are carefully hand waxed and hand furnished with natural bee creams and waxes, ermine brushes and tinsel cloths for a rich shine and extraordinary patina.


The range of boots that we make includes zipper boots, mountain boots and hiking boots. Our USP ies in sophisticated craftsmanship, an eye for sturdy designs, and the unrelenting pursuit for high-quality materials.

At Saint G it’s our commitment to quality that sets us apart. Our dedicated team has an eye for details and makes sure that each product personifies perfection.